Time to step into the “Wayback Machine”

After having my interest in street photography reignited from the Kelby Photo Walk, I decided to go through some of my old B&W negatives.  I was looking for a very specific image of a man named Russ Rafael.  Russ had one of the very last newspaper stands in Seattle and was a very interesting person.  I don’t remember much about him since this was taken in 1987, but I do remember that he lived a simple life supported by his newspaper stand.  The biggest thing that stands to me still is how happy he was.  He didn’t have much, but didn’t seem to need much either.



Kelby Photo Walk

So who else went out on one of Scott Kelby’s Photo Walks?  This was my 2nd and much more enjoyable than last year’s.  Last year I was that guy who brought way too much gear.  I should’ve realized that the emphasis was on the walking part.  So I learned my lesson and only brought a camera with one lens and I had a lot more fun.  That was especially good since the one I went on in SLC was for street photography where you really want a minimal amount of gear with you.  If you haven’t done one I highly recommend you do one next year.  It’s a great way to meet other photographers and also learn some thing along the way.  I know I learned a few things about doing street photography and the leader is going to have a regular meetup for all that are interested.  Plus I got excited about shooting some B&W film again!  Here’s my entry in the photo contest as part of the Photo Walk.


Dallas Skyline

I have to say that Dallas has one of the more colorful skylines I’ve seen.  This is from below the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.



Live and learn

So I was all excited about shooting the blood moon last month.  I had my shot all panned out with a nice shot of the Utah state capital building and the blood moon (total lunar eclipse) rising just to the right of the dome and over the flag.  I arrived in plenty of time to fine-tune the exact location I wanted to shoot it from and then patiently awaited for the moon to rise above the capital.  I knew it should’ve been there around 9:00 pm so as it started to get close to 9:00 I started to get nervous when I still wasn’t seeing the moon from any angle as I walked around from where I was shooting.

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